Futaba KAZAMA Professor Environmental Chemistry Chemical Substances and Management of water quality for safety Use
Kei NISHIDA Professor Environmental Dynamics Analysis Runoff analysis of nutrients & microorganisms, Health impact of water use & quality
Hiroshi ISHIDAIRA Professor Hydrology, Water Resources Engineering Estimation of river discharge using hydrological model & satellite remote sensing data
Hiroyuki SHIMA Professor Physics for Environment, Condensed Matter Theory Morphology-Property relation in Nature and Engineering
Tomoya IWATA Professor Aquatic Ecology Food web dynamics in drainage networks
Kiyoshi Matsumoto Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry, Geochemistry Behavior of atmospheric trace components and their impacts on the local and global environment
Hiroshi KOBAYASHI Associate Professor Atmospheric sciece, Ocean optics Optical observations of the atmospheric and oceanic environments
Yasuhiro TANAKA Associate Professor Environmental Microbiology Environmental protection and remediation by using microbial activities
Jun MAGOME Associate professor Hydrology, Water Resources Engineering Hydrologic cycle on regional to global scale
Ryota KATAOKA Assistant professor Soil Microbiology Microbial Ecology, Applied Microbiology and Utilization of Microbes
Tatsuru KAMEI Assistant professor Environmental Technology Environmental engineering and reduction of environmental burden & Design and evaluation of sustainable and environmental conscious system
Yoshiyuki KINOSE Assistant professor Environmental Botany Response for environmental stress in terrestrial plant